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What is Sleep Dentistry?

It is dentistry performed while you sleep, or while you are mildly sedated. We offer the full range of dental anaesthesia, from pleasantly relaxed to completely asleep. Depending upon your needs and the required dental treatment, our dental anaesthesiologist and you will decide which is the most appropriate anaesthetic. Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Bridges, Root Canals, Extractions, Periodontal Therapy and Dental Implants can all be accomplished while you are comfortably placed into a state of total relaxation. Extensive treatment can be achieved in one appointment, saving patients time off work/school.

How is this different from “sedation dentistry”?

Some dental offices advertise “sedation dentistry”, which usually involves the patient swallowing a pill and/or inhaling nitrous oxide (i.e. laughing gas) prior to dental treatment. I.V. sedation may be offered too. These approaches may be helpful for patients who request a mild level of relaxation. However, many people who are fearful or anxious about receiving dental treatment often require a more effective alternative. Such individuals include: Those who wish to not see, hear, or feel any dental treatment; Special Needs patients; People looking for comprehensive and efficient treatment; Gaggers; Young children. We appreciate their concerns. We are here to help you benefit.

What is a dental anaesthesiologist?

A dental anaesthesiologist is a dentist who has dedicated thousands of hours of additional hands-on training to the study and management of pain and anxiety related to dental treatment. Dental Anaesthesiology is a recognized specialty of dentistry in Ontario. A dentist who has completed this training, and successfully passed the oral and written board examinations is a certified specialist in dental anaesthesiology. In Canada, approximately 40 such dentists have this qualification. This unique certification permits that practitioner to administer any level of anaesthesia (i.e. mild, moderate, deep sedation; or general anaesthesia). Our patients benefit from this distinction, and the anaesthetic that is customized for their specific needs and dental treatment.

Our patients appreciate the following features:

  • Certified Specialist in Dental Anaesthesiology

  • We treat children 2 years of age and older

  • Convenience - All dental treatment may be completed in one appointment

  • Save time and expenses with reduced time off work / school

  • Compassionate, friendly staff

  • Modern, comfortable setting

  • Provide the full range of anaesthetic options

  • We restore smiles, confidence and self-esteem

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