Your First Visit with Dr. Tony Ciocca

You will be asked to fill out standard forms for patient information and health and dental history. The dentist will then sit down with you and listen to your concerns and expectations.

If the dental problem is not too complex, Dr. Ciocca will be able to do a specific examination (and radiographs if needed), and during this visit review with you the findings, treatment options, and recommended treatment, along with estimated fees and appointments needed. However if the dental problem is more complex requiring additional records in order to complete diagnosis and treatment planning then additional appointments (as outlined below) may be needed.

We pride ourselves in being thorough in our record taking, diagnosis and treatment planning. We also take the time to make sure you understand the dental problems and the proposed solutions so that you feel confident you are making the right decision.

For complex dental problems or full mouth reconstructions the following three appointments are often needed prior to beginning treatment:

First Visit

Initial consultation:

  • medical and dental history forms

  • smile analysis questionnaire (if applicable)

  • review of referral letter and x-rays (if referred by another dentist)

  • dentist will listen to your concerns and expectations

  • preliminary examination and discussion

Second Visit


  • complete examination

  • models of upper and lower teeth

  • bite records

  • intraoral photos

  • radiographs

  • CT scan (if applicable)

  • wax up of models (if applicable)

Third Visit

Treatment plan presentation:

  • discussion of findings and treatment options

  • recommended treatment plan

  • fees, appointments, duration of treatment

  • treatment letter

Your First Visit with Dr. Barrie Renick

First Visit


  • review of medical and dental history

  • review of referral letter and x-rays (if referred by another dentist)

  • additional x-rays and CT scan taken as required

  • a treatment plan is formulated and presented in detail

  • post operative expectations are explained

  • post operative care is reviewed

Second Visit


  • any questions are answered before surgery

  • consent is acquired

  • surgery is performed

  • patient is recovered

  • post operative sequelae and care is again reviewed

  • a post operative appointment is made

  • patient is discharged

Third Visit

Post Operative Visit:

  • post operative concerns are discussed

  • surgical sites are examined

  • future appointments are scheduled if needed

Your First Visit with Dr. Leonard Schwartz

Your first visit to meet Dr. Schwartz will be an opportunity to learn more about your dental health. If you have been referred by another dentist or are self-referred, you will receive an independent assessment of your current dental situation and be able to learn about the treatment options that modern dentistry can offer you. There are always choices available and Dr. Schwartz and his team feel an obligation to ensure that you understand your current status and how your dental health and appearance of your smile can be improved.

Our in-house diagnostic imaging CBCT scanner and chairside computer monitors allows us to show and explain in detail bone and soft tissue anatomy for precise placement of dental implants. Our digital photography will help you see details of your smile that you may never have noticed before.

A full hour of time is reserved for your first visit so we can examine, evaluate, explain and answer your questions. A detailed estimate of costs will be provided and options reviewed to meet your budget. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Your First Visit with Dr. Farzad Danesh

You will be asked to fill out standard forms for patient information and health and dental history. Dr. Danesh will then sit down with you and ask you questions about your medical and dental history, your symptoms, how and when your symptoms started, and several pertinent questions about your tooth under question.

He will examine the tooth and gum in the area and take radiographs, if needed. In some circumstances, a dental CT scan is required for diagnosis and treatment planning. Having gathered the information, Dr. Danesh will share his findings with you.

The available options, along with their pros and cons, will be discussed. Based on your preferences and priorities and information provided to you, an appropriate treatment plan will be made for you with your collaboration. In addition, you will be informed of the estimated fees and length of treatment.

Your First Visit with Dr. Jeffrey Yasny

Your first appointment with Sleep Dentistry is a consultation.This is an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Yasny and review your medical history with him.If any further evaluations or testing is required prior to the procedure date, this will be indicated to you.During your consultation, you can openly discuss your dental needs and concerns regarding dental treatment with sedation or general anaesthesia.

An intra-oral examination may occur, as well as the taking of any necessary radiographs (x-rays).For some patients, having someone look inside their mouth or having x-rays taken, is simply intolerable.We understand.In these cases, the exam and x-rays can be deferred until the patient is asleep during a subsequent appointment.

Based upon the particular needs of each patient, the dental treatment necessary, and the anaesthetic options to safely achieve these goals, Dr. Yasny and the patient will collectively formulate a plan. A comprehensive step-by-step anaesthetic outline will be thoroughly discussed with the patient, as well as the benefits, alternatives, and risks of treatment.Patients and their families are encouraged to ask any questions they have regarding their treatment.