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Sterilization Protocol

Our office has implemented a sterilization protocol that exceeds the standard expected in a dental office today. Protecting our patients and staff is one of our highest priorities. The following outlines the steps we take to ensure the instruments we use for you are sterile.


Step 1

Used instruments are place in cassettes. Cassettes prevent injury to staff members and also help keep instruments sterile once they come out of the sterilizer


Step 2

The sterilization process takes place in our A-dec ISS Sterilization Centre. It is divided into a dirty area (red) and a clean area (blue) so that there is no cross contamination of instruments.


Step 3

Cassettes are placed in the SciCan Hydrim G64 instrument washer-disinfector. It thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and dries the cassettes.


Step 4

Cassettes are covered with CSR sterilization wrap and taped with autoclave tape.


Step 5

Cassettes are placed in the SciCan Bravo Vacuum Autoclave. It is a Class B (hospital-grade) sterilizer that includes a pre-vacuum step that removes trapped air ensuring proper sterilization of hollow and porous instruments.


Step 6

We use 3 tools to ensure instruments are properly sterilized 1) autoclave tape, 2) temperature gauge, 3) and spore testing.

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